Box Brake, Shear & Roll

If you are going to be fabricating sheet metal, it’s hard to find a more versatile and effective time saver that a combination machine like this.  If you have the space and the cash, you can opt for dedicated equipment for each task.  Unfortunately, not many of us have the space and funds to make everything happen.  In this case, due to it’s combined cababilites, a lot of different tasks can be performed with the one machine, and save some space and some money.

The 30″ box brake allows you to add or remove segments as desired so that you can brake (bend) sheet metal to fill most of your needs.  What a ‘box’ break does that a conventional brake does not, is allow to bend ALL sides of a piece of metal, including blind ends.  For instance, if you wanted to fabricate a drawer box for that new tool cabinet you want, a conventional brake would only allow you to machine bend 2 opposite sides of the sheet metal, before the bent metal would interfere with performing the remaining bends.  With the box brake, segments of the bend bar can be removed to allow the already bent sections to pass through the brake, which allows you to bend the third and fourth sides up tight to the existing bends to create a tight corner.

The 30 inch shear allows you to easily position your sheet metal accurately, then perform a clean and straight cut operation in one action.

The 30 inch roll allows you to take sheet metal, or steel flat or rod, and roll it into a uniform ring or circle from a gentle curve, down to about 1 1/2″ in the case of this particular machine.  This is very handy in forming a drive shaft tunnel for that new floor pan.

Once again, these can be found branded under various brand names.  Shop around and find the best deal.  Usually a local supplier as these are HEAVY and get very pricey to ship over a distance.

Box break roll shear

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