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We all pick up little tricks in our travels. Or, stumble across a real deal on a part, replacement or alternative solution to a need that may not be common knowledge. I my self have learned a few things along the way. I know how hard that will be for most of you to belive, but, it’s actually true. Unfortunately, I don’t recall them specifically unless something occurs to bring it to mind. Its not like most of us hang around the shop with a note book in hand to jot down our great earth shattering discoveries. Far from it. We are confronted with a problem, and create, discover and invent solutions. It has been my observation that many of these gems are being lost as each generation of car enthusiasts comes to the fore front, and the previous generation falls by the way side. Many of us have been guilty of ignoring advice from someone, especially when we were young and full of energy and enthusiasim, which is a nice way of saying ‘Piss and Vinegar’.  After all, What could that old fart know? Unfortunately, I’m gradually BECOMING that old fart..
Fortunately, I learned many things from my father who had the patience of Jobe, and on several occassions decided NOT to beat me to death after my latest bout of ‘creativity and adventure’ took an unexpected turn. In recent conversation with my father, when I was thanking him for all his assistance over the years (and for not killing me) he informed me how he felt he had learned many things from me due to his need to attempt to keep one step ahead of me. You just never know where your next lesson will come from if you’re not too wrapped up in yourself to see it when it happens.



Now, that said, I am constantly amazed by the wealth of knowledge and information I have access to. Some is due to my own knowledge and ability to find the answers and create the solutions to my questions and problems. But, more importantly, my access comes from my friends, some of which I grew up with, and learned along side of. Each has learned and built their own library of tips, tricks and solutions to the lifetime of problems they were confronted with.

With this in mind, here is the start to the library of “Cheap Tricks”. As ANYONE passes one along, I will make every effort to get it on line. I’ll make the same effort to rattle the cage of my mind to see what falls out. There just may be a couple odds n ends in there..

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