Battery Boosting and Charging

Prior to starting work, follow the guideline.
1. Wear CSA approved Safety Glasses.  You are dealing with Sulphuric Acid
2.  Fire Extinguisher available
3.  Explosive Hydrogen gas is generated during the charging process, thus insure adequate ventilation is present before proceeding.
4.  Ensure the unit to be boosted has the transmission in park or neutral, with the parking brake applied.
5.  Inspect the dead battery condition.
6.  Always make certain that the booster battery is the same voltage as the one to be boosted.
7.  Ensure the charging unit is off before attaching or removing clamps
8.  First connect a red booster cable clamp to the (+) positive post on the dead battery.
9. Connect the other end of the red (+) positive cable to the (+) positive post of the booster battery.
10. Then connect the (-) negative black cable to the (-) negative post of the booster battery.
11. Finally, connect the remaining end of the black (-) negative cable to a ground point on the vehicle being boosted at a location away from the dead battery.  Usually some part of the engine makes a good ground. Never ground to a fender or bumper.
12.  After starting/charging the unit disconnect the cables by reversing the sequence used in connecting it, starting with removing the black (-) negative clamp from the grounding point on the boosted unit.
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