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It’s nothing fancy, but, if you want to sell of something, or your looking for a particular item, post an ad and see what happens.  If there is enough interest, or demand is diversified enough, I’ll look at something a little fancier.

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  1. Michael says:

    I just picked up a 1974 Xj12 in great condition. It has been stored for 24 years and has 59,464 original miles. Once I get it running, I would like to massage a little more power out of the 5.3 v12. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.


    Atlanta, GA

  2. dan anderson says:

    How is the v-12 engine build up coming? I have a 1976 xj-6C. I plan on keeping it and putting a V-12 in it wit a 5 or 6 speed trans. Dan

    • TMR says:

      Hi Dan..
      The V12 is completed and sitting on the engine stand ready to go.
      Once installed, it will take some time to get the new computer control system set up.
      However, things have delayed due to a relationship breakup, which is being bantered around between lawyers.
      So things have to sit until resolved. Not too happy about it, but little to be done..

  3. Edouard says:

    i am restoring my dad`s cars , after his death , he left for me a 1956 Mercedes Benz 190SL & 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz .

    Would you please help me to found a front bumper for the 58 Eldorado Biarritz and a front grill for the 190SL .

    PS : i WOULD LIKE TO BUY ANY MERCEDES 190SL (1955 TO 1963) OR ANY CADILLAC ELDORADO BIARRITZ (1956 , 1957 , 1958 , 1959) .

    Many thanks for your help

    Peter E. Martin

  4. Basel says:

    I am looking for parts for the below:
    Panther: Type J72-V12
    Engine:7P-12321-SB ( Jaguar)
    Chassis: 5155L
    Carburetors: 4
    Parts Needed:
    1. Full overhauling Kit
    2. Cylinder Head Gasket (2) if not included in (1)
    3. Piston Rings- Slandered
    4. Valve Seals
    5. Carburetor Assembly or repair Kit for all four
    6. Culinder Head Studs with Nuts -60
    7. Release Bearings -1
    8. Timing cover and Oil Seal 1

  5. Darren says:

    Looking for an MSD 6al for sale with a distributor and possibly a good electric fuel pump?
    Am located in Saskatoon.

  6. TMR says:

    FOR SALE 1997 2500 GMC Suburban, 6.5 Turbo Diesel, LOADED, leather, removable 3rd row seat, new Goodyear rubber, new batteries, recent glow plugs and computer, S.S. side and push bar. Trailer package, brake controller, RV plug, highway miles. EXCELLENT CONDITION. $8500.

  7. Howard says:

    Looking for a decent left front fender for a 26-27 Model T

    You can post here, or catch me on face book.!/profile.php?id=100000488031143

    Howard K Hulvey
    Harrisonburg, Virginia

  8. Donna McCrimmon says:

    hi guys my husband raced at bonneville 2003 2004 and 2007 fm/m/p class#269….and very sad to say mike mccrimmon passed away oct 20 2010at the age of 59. i am looking for info on how to sell the truck …this is not a ad guys i do need help and you can count on car guys …can anyone tell me how to sell a bonneville truck …where to place a ad…we are from canada if that helps thanks from donna

    Herre’s a picture of the truck

  9. TMR says:

    I could use a 28-29 Model A windshield frame. Anyone have one kickin around?

  10. admin says:

    1994 Jaguar XJS Convertible, 6, Auto
    MAY be scraping for parts.

    This is my own car, which was imported from the states several years back. ONLY summer driver, avg 500 miles per year.

    Floor got wet and I took immediate preemptive action to dry and chemically treat so it’s rust free.

    Have WON the arbitration with SGI and taken settlement and retained the car. Arbitration allowed safety of car to relicense. I can’t be bothered arguing with SGI anymore. Swapped the tire and rims with one of my other cats. There are now newer style rims, with tires with roughly 30 or so % remaining.

    MIGHT consider trades..
    Lets start at $5000 and go from there..

  11. admin says:

    FOR SALE – Winters 4:86 Quick Change differential
    Includes 3 ratio quick gear sets, 4:86 (1:1), 4:05/5:83, 3:29/7:17
    Uses 10 spline gear sets

    This is a heavy duty rear. Uses 31 spline Ford Axles.
    This diff was gone through and has not been used since.
    $750 OBO


    Winters Performance Products manufactures the best quick change rear ends ever made. Mostly used in circle track racing, quick change rear ends work very well in street applications. In most cases the Championship 10″ Quick Change is more rear end than you’ll ever need (800+hp). All Winters Quick Change Rears use spiral bevel ring & pinions, the most efficient ring & pinion available. Pinion placement of a spiral bevel ring & pinion uses less power, is more efficient, and runs cooler than hypoid ring & pinions. Hypoid style ring & pinions create more sliding action, increasing heat and power loss.

  12. admin says:

    SOLD-Black Max Upright Air Compressor – SOLD

    8.8 CFM @ 40psi
    6.9 CFM @ 90psi
    Max Pressure 120psi
    Voltage 115/15
    4 Hp
    Tank Size 44 gallon Vertical

    Oiless, direct drive, stationary
    Quick set regulator
    Heavy duty dual capacitor motor
    Automatic thermal overload protection
    Tank & Working pressure gauges
    On/Off switch
    Cleanable/reusable air filter
    Meets ASME requirements
    All original documents
    VERY little use.

  13. admin says:

    I have various items gradually coming available as a result of the tear down on the 89 XJS. Currently a lot of interior items. In the not too distant future, I’ll likely have a nice 5.3 and turbo transmission available when I install the new 6 liter and standard transmission.

    If there are things your looking for, let me know and we’ll see what can be arranged..

    Tom Mackie
    Use site contact email to get me.

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