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  1. TMR says:

    Added a new article and gallery of James Corbetts use of old scrap car parts.
    You might be able to fund your newxt car build doing this if you have the skills..
    Check it out.

  2. TMR says:

    To no ones surpirise, another successful event hosted by the Draggins Rod & Custom Club.

    Reletively speaking, the weather co-operated, in that we did NOT get the large storm that was anticipated. Unfortunately, those to the west, DID get hit with the heavy snow, resulting in some entries being unable to attend.

    Fortunately, locals, always willing to help, stepped up and brought in cars so there were no empty spaces.

    I spent a full two days taking over 1000 photographs. I’m working hard to get these sorted out and onto the site for you to view. You should see the first gallery appear today, and all should be up within a few days.

  3. TMR says:

    Nothin is ever simple.
    No that ‘most’ of the site is more or less normal after the move/rebuild, I thought I would try to get the store/products up and running.. Well, suffice to say, it’s never as simple as it looks.
    Anyone visiting the site, was unceramoniously redirected to the store/product listing no matter what they selected..
    I’ve disabled it for the time being. Will evaluate other packages and hopefuly find a solution soon.
    Thanks for sticking with me through this..

  4. TMR says:

    YEA!.. All the image galleries have been restored finally.. And, a lot of additions and improvements.. Now starting on the various articles etc.. A lot got corrupted somehow.. all sorts of A’ A’ and junk.. If you don’t mind looking at that stuff, feel free to get in there..

  5. TMR says:

    Little by little..Have all the Draggins Car Show images back up..
    As an added bonus, the new gallery software doesn’t have the 100 image limit the previous software did, and, it’s a LOT easier to add images. So, there are at LEAST another 1000 images that I have added. A lot more detail shots, that just couldn’t be accomodated before.

  6. TMR says:

    Well, making some headway, but it’s a slow process.
    Have managed to get all the Super Run images back up.
    Rather than the automated galleries I used before, I’m trying thumbnail / contact sheet galleries. Hopefully, this will allow you to find what you want faster.
    Simply click on the desired image to display a larger version of the image.

    Future galleries will have larger format pictures as I had to ‘down size’ them all previously to use within the galler program. Hopefully, this will make for a better all round presentation.

  7. TMR says:

    Difficulties with my current web hosting provider have forced me to accelerate my plans to redesign the site. Now, a complete redesign, rebuilding, and relocating. Like I don’t have better things to do, but, I rather like the new look.. Hope you will.

  8. TMR says:

    Here’s something most everyone can benefit from..

    Free (really) blue print and vector drawings of darn near anything and everything..
    As example.. Here’s the set for a 32 Ford 5 window coupe..

    It’s not JUST cars.. Its everything (ish)

  9. TMR says:

    Up Next..
    COBALT Plating..
    Shines like Dark ‘Show Chrome’, and HARDER that 3 step Chrome.
    Best of all, you can do it at home..


  10. TMR says:

    Added Review & How To on blackening metal.
    Simple, cheap and factory quality results..


  11. TMR says:

    We will be handling the full line of DRAG DADDY items.
    Limited Edition prints, T-Shirts, Mugs and more.
    You can get the idea of what’s coming here.

  12. TMR says:

    The next Super Run gallery is now up.
    Fendered hot rods and street rods from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s

  13. TMR says:

    In case you hadn’t noticed, the Basic “Super Run 2011′ article is up, along with the first of the galleries from the event. MUCH more to come..

  14. TMR says:

    Added short HOW To article on doing bead roller art in sheet metal.
    Whether it is art, or signs, it is the same process. This is the real basic version to get you going. It will take time,practice and tallent to get GOOD..

  15. TMR says:

    Added a small article on building a rack to store your bead roller dies. As simple as it gets.

  16. TMR says:

    In the interest of getting the word out.
    If it sounds to good to be true, IT IS!
    This organization (2 people) Indicate they can get you connected and sponsored by various big names in the automotive industry. All for the meager ‘membership fee’ of $199.00

    There’s your first clue. Sponsors don’t charge you.. AGENTS charge you, but, it’s normally a percentage, performance based, NOT up front.

    No contracts..
    Geeze, there’s the second clue. What name brand is going to throw money at you without having an agreement/contract in place.

    Don’t do anything..
    DUH.. There’s three.. OF COURSE you have to do things. THAT’S what REAL sponsors pay you for. Make appearences, do PR for their product.. NOT for just a sticker on your ride. They will ALL give you stickers in the hope you will put it on your ride..

    HOLY COW.. There’s #4. These jokers are still expecting you to do a money transfer, or send a money order.. PEOPLE, you KNOW this doesn’t fly. What company doesn’t accept the various credit cards, debit cards, Paypal etc.. Using these methods of payment is well known to the scam industry because you have NO RECOURSE.. Money is gone.. Nice knowing ya..

    #5. In the real world, there is no time limit that you must pay by the end of the day. If there really was a situation, then why would a money order be an acceptible solution? It takes a week to get there. That is not instant payment.. That’s GUARANTEED GONE PAYMENT..

    Web site, Facebook & Twitter.
    #6. It used to be you could form a bit of an impression by these, but, no longer. ANYONE can have all of these.. ANYONE, can do it themselves..
    But, notice the content.. The ‘MODEL’ you see slapped all over, is PART OF THE SCAM.. That said.. Where are you seeing her? It’s not auto events.. It’s not in front of sponsored vehicles, not at races, not with a group of executives, or at a corporate location. GUYS! This is simply an attempt to get you NOT thinking with your head.. None of her pictures have anything to do with the industry.. The ONLY industry she is modeling for, is STEAL YOUR MONEY.. Think she’s hot.. Want to meat her? Call her, she’s the customer service voice.. She is also the company owners girlfriend. This pictures are likely taken inside one of there several houses.. THEY are doing very well in the industry, by taking your money, $199 at a time..

    Having them tell you they have a money back guarantee DOES NOTHING.. I can guarantee you anything I want.. Making it happen, is a whole other matter..

    Deleware.. They have chosen this location as an operations base carefully.. as with the laws of the state, they are virtually untouchable..

    Do a search.. They have THE lowest possible rating. ‘F’
    Hundreds of complaints filed. Bet your bottom dollar, for every complaint, there are probably a hundred more that didn’t bother with a complaint.

    A quick search will turn up MANY blogs and clubs talking about who lost their money most recently.. It’s the same story over and over. Just the names, faces and rides change..

    This is a whole subject it it’s self (and has been)
    There is NO EASY WAY. It takes WORK. You have to develop a package, make presentations, sell yourself, your car, your team, your ride.

    I told them, at their insistance, I would make every effort to get something done TODAY..

  17. TMR says:

    Have added another article.
    Welding Methods and Selection

    Hope this helps you decide what welding method is best for your needs, and selecting teh welder to fill that need.
    Hope to add a little more info to this in the near future.

  18. TMR says:

    All the updates on the Race Safety plan has spawned a new area called ‘Safe Work Practice’

    Have several items in there all ready, with more to come.
    You may wonder how much you need this info. Well, if you are running a race team, or a business, this could save you a life, law suite, or even a failed insurance claim.
    That makes it potentially one of your BEST INVESTMENTS!

  19. TMR says:

    Rob and I have been busy on the Race Safety Plan.
    Quite a few updates, with more to come during the course of the net week or so. Likely some each day.

  20. TMR says:

    FINALLY getting a few things done again.
    I’ve added more to the MIG Cart project. Should have the rest up in the next day or two. Hopefully some of you build them as I am finding they work great.

  21. TMR says:

    Spent the weekend at this years 51st Annual Draggins Rod & Custom show.
    Another great event. Over 2 buildings full of great cars. A few ‘old faithfuls’ but even they had new twists and updates. With some SPECTACULAR new arrivals.
    I’ve got about 600 images to go through. Will get them up ASAP for your viewing pleasure..

  22. TMR says:

    Been busy building a couple MIG carts for the shop.
    I’ll get the ‘How To’ up asap..
    These are nice, and simple, with a great end result..

  23. TMR says:

    NOTE: Upgrades to the site are being performed, which can cause the photo galleries to not function intermitantly. If you experience this, we appologize. Please try again in an hour or so..

  24. TMR says:

    Added the details and photos of ‘Step One’ of the cage build.

  25. TMR says:

    Updated the Pipe Bender review to provide more details of the bender features.

  26. TMR says:

    Got more added to the Engine Test Stand how to article. The stand is in use now, lots more to add, but, finding the time is difficult.


  27. TMR says:

    Have been working with a local graphics company to develop the art work for on the car and trailer to support the ‘Bad Kitty’ theme of the Bonneville Jaguar.
    Take a look. Always interested in your thoughts.

  28. admin says:

    Web site photo galleries fixed. Sorry to those that were trying to see some images. Auto Updates fouled up some things. Cheers Tom

  29. admin says:

    Aw Crap..
    Something is up with the web site, and none of the photo galleries are displaying.. Working on it

  30. admin says:

    Well, I guess it had to be done eventually.
    We’re now on Twitter. We’ll use twitter to let you know whn we update the site, project progess etc..

    I’ll get the various twitter tools and links added to the site as soon as I can..

  31. admin says:

    Told ya I was getting a few things done..
    I’ve managed to get two of the galleries from Speed Week 2010 up. Have several to go, then I’ll see what can be done about ‘The Story’..

  32. admin says:

    With the weather changing, I’m finding a little more time to get things done on the site.

    I have added a review of English wheels, including details and links on several suppliers offerings.
    I hope you find it useful.

  33. admin says:

    Added a new sub section under humor called ‘Fire’..
    Hmm.. Not tough to guess what you’ll find there is it..

    There is more to come.. Time is the limiting factor..

  34. admin says:

    As November 11 approaches, my thoughts are with our members of the military preserving freedom, both at home and away.

    With this in mind, I have added updates under the military category.


    Take a moment.

  35. admin says:

    FINALLY managed to find some time to add onto the Bonneville Jaguar article. Details of the Bell housing, fly wheel, clutch and pressure plate are in.

  36. admin says:

    Life was going along pretty good..
    Then, we got a little computer infection that knocked down most everything.
    Well, got things cleaned up, but having to rebuild the camera set up.
    Sorry. Will likely be a day or two..

  37. admin says:

    Added more to the “Engine Test Stand” project.
    As most of you know, the stand is actually virtually complete, and has been for some time as the V12 has been bolted into it for months. It was a real hit at the annual TMR BBQ let me tell you.. It’s just been difficult to get the information put together and get it onto the site with everything that has been going on.

    I’m trying to find time to get a few things updated so you don’t die of boredom..

  38. admin says:

    No worries buddy..
    I’m just glad there is someone out there that can actually make use of it..

  39. f150 owner says:

    i just wanna thank you for sharing your this information on your blog

    Sent via Blackberry

  40. admin says:

    Additional article “Econo Hauler” has been added to ‘Cheap Tricks in the tech section.
    If you are on a budget, and need a truck to get you to the track, this might be the solution for you..

  41. admin says:

    We’re BAAaack..
    SPEED WEEK is back to it’s old self.
    A HUGE event to say the least..
    Met lots of great new friends, some famous, some infamous 🙂
    I’ve got a lots of story to tell, and a MASSIVE collection of photos to go through and get posted for you..

    I’ll try to get some of it up for you in the next couple days..

  42. admin says:

    Trailer update..
    Luck is holding.. It’s been raining solid, and the roof repair can’t be done while the materials are wet.. It’s monsoon season inside the trailer..

  43. admin says:

    Those that have been paying attention will have noticed the shop camera facing towards the outside world. Unable to get the car ready for Speed Week 2010, I’ve decided to once again put some effort into the trailer. Looked into custom graphics and despite my best efforts couldn’t convince any companies to jump on board with a freebee.. Went to a couple of my local body shop suppliers, and darn near died at the $100 per liter price tag of paint.. I’ve got a lot better things to toss $500 at than paint for the trailer.. So, off on a creative streak to get paint and some graphics without breaking the bank..
    Stay tuned to see how it panned out.. Naturally, the tough luck held and it was a battle every step of the way, but, mission accomplished..

  44. admin says:

    Well, true to form, If it wasn’t for BAD luck, I wouldn’t have any at all.
    I set aside a month to get the car ready for the licensing runs, trouble shooting, getting through tech etc..
    Major storm rolled through here oh, about a month ago (figures) and I’ve been up to my ears in insurance claims ever since..
    6 vehicles and the car trailer damaged. One a total loss, the other, my 1994 Jaguar convertable is caught in a heated battel with insurance where they want to total loss, and have made a completely idiotic offer on the value..

    Needless to say, this has once again delayed getting the car onto the salt. (again)

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