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  1. Steve says:

    Hello again Tom,

    Just put the Burrows V12 5000 Club Racer on the scales, she came in at sprung weight of 360 kgs on the rear and 140kgs on the front dry & no driver, a total about 500kg. Add say 60kg fuel, 80 kg for driver, and 100kgs in tires/wheels and it looks like a 700kg racer. Not bad for using ex factory stock stuff, lots of room for weight reduction on next build.

    • TMR says:

      Thanks for the update Steve..
      GAWD I wish I had one, and could use it around here..
      Just dropped a link onto facebook. Hope to drive a little traffic your way..
      Do you have a presence on FB?

  2. Hello Tom,

    it’s Steve here from Australia. Yes, you should have a Custom Page for Jag Hot Rodders, its a niche industry with only a few real players who can make and build stuff. Great inspiring site. 10/10

    Been following your site for a few years, like your stuff, its over the top and up there with the real engineers.

    Yo maybe interest, I am scratch building the 1st Jag V12 F5000 Open Wheeler. Its well under way with space frame complete, front suspension/steering geometry done, dash and part body. Engine is roughed out with a new fabricated dry sump, duplex scavage pumps, and 3 big throttle bodies on a ram tube plenum chamber, extractors yet to be built. It will run on 8×15 front and 10×15 rear rims, rubber semi slicks 8″ up front and 12″ rear. I am considering destroking engine to 4998 or a bore reduction to 87mm like the old XJ13 style, comp will be uprated and with D-Jet EFI or later.

    I plan to do a couple of these frames for 3.5 liter V8 and Subby Flat 6.

    Have a look at my site.


    • TMR says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback Steve..
      It’s always good to hear from a kindred spirit.
      It looks like I will finally have a little more time available, so I hope to get caught up a bit on some of the articles I have planed, and already started, but haven’t been able to get to..

      I am THRILLED to hear of your project. I just love the old open wheel cars..

      I took a quick peek, and didn’t immediately find your stuff, but I only had a Will take another peek tomorrow..
      BUT.. boy howdy brother..If you want more exposure, I’d love to provide space for the coverage..

      Listen, I’m also on facebook and linkedin..
      Plus, I have a new entity that I’ve been building for about a year..Carscene-store..
      Feel free to connect with me under all of them..

      The carscene one is tough to find. But, if you hit the TomMackieRacing facebook, you’ll find some cross posts that will bring you in. You’ll know it when you see the ratfink.. 🙂
      If that means something to you, then you will likely want to follow.. If not, then, take a look anyway 🙂
      Cheers brother..

    • Sorry Tom, should have been more specific,

      Look at Formula JAG Race Cars and you will see some good pics of it under construction.


      I will put you on my site as a recommended link.

      Steve fom Jagmania

  3. TMR says:

    Welcome Jeorge
    No great surprise, you will get a lot of different opinions on where to spend your money, and where the best bang for the buck is. So much does indeed depend on your budget, and what your end result target is. Intending this to be more of a weekend warrior car, that opens a lot of doors you might not otherwise have. By that, I mean you can remove things to reduce weight.. Big advantage in the acceleration end of things.

    While the Jaguar in general, but more specifically the V12 and the XJS make a great combination, but, they are refined and luxurious. Within reason, no matter what you do to an HE engine, you will be limited by the head design. That said, I would suggest getting your ratios set up to suit your application.
    Getting into a 6 speed would certainly improve life dramatically and may be that single item to target. I believe Keisler Engineering offers conversions to provide everything in one package. Clearly, you can go through the effort, and put it all together yourself. But, one mistake and you are in a financial hole..

    Intake and exhaust are ALWAYS an issue. Getting into a dual throttle body set up, can make a big difference, and depending on your abilities, can possibly be done by you. At the least, a local machine shop can handle it for you.
    Opening up the exhaust would be the other side of this equation. If not required for street use, that is even better as you can eliminate all the other crud and just set up headers and side pipes.

    In order to reap the most benefit from ANY modification, you should be getting a performance ECU. The name that comes to mind is AJ6 Engineering from the UK, who have probably the number 1 reputation for this type of thing, and have offerings of other performance equipment for the V12.

    There will always be small things, like modifying the air boxes, or getting more fresh air in to it..
    And, at the other end, is throwing a complete build up of the engine that can run you $10 to $35g depending what all you try to do and add.
    Unless you want to get into a head swap, apart from bolt ons (headers and intake) I’d suggest the most you consider with the engine is a set up cams.. Past that, you really have to dig into the finances..

    In short, if you want to have some fun, don’t break the bank..

    Keep us informed of your progress.. Take pictures..
    If you get to the point of undertaking any aspect, keep good notes and I’ll be happy to set up a user project area for yours..
    Cheers Brother..

  4. Mark O'Baldwin says:

    Re: 6.0 V12 Engine (race)

    Soul not “sole.”
    Depth not “dept.”

    “Heron head” not “flat head.” Dunno why they ever described it as the latter, except that they didn’t want to admit that they were using a combustion chamber design from around 1916 and had never been a performance design to begin with, but one based upon ease of production & achieving sufficient reliability for aircraft engines [which when heads were made of iron & hard to machine, being able to cast your combustion chamber into the top of the piston made things much faster & easier to push out the factory exit to go to Europe to fight in the Great War.]

    Best o’ luck.

  5. Frenchy Dampier says:

    Hello. I’m a long time (since 1970) Jaguar racer mostly Vintage racing.. A couple of decades ago I built a Jaguar XK-E V12 roadster to race in vintage Most recently I’m building a XJ-S V12 to race..
    Are you interested in sharing information, tips, tricks, and cost cutting ideas?
    (I quickly went through your site and wanted to share some things with you if you are interested)

  6. admin says:

    Sorry. Not currently on Twitter.
    Can’t seem to find the time to do ‘this’ as well as I would like. If anything changes, I’ll let you know.

    • admin says:

      Well, I guess it had to be done eventually.
      We’re now on Twitter. We’ll use twitter to let you know whn we update the site, project progess etc..

      I’ll get the various twitter tools and links added to the site as soon as I can..

  7. veterinary technician says:

    Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  8. admin says:

    Nice to get a little feedback now and then so I know something is done right..

    I appreciate that you took a few minutes to say so..
    Any particular part you liked?
    Any topics you’d like to see?



  9. Great blog! much appreciated.

  10. admin says:

    Thinking of adding a ‘Users projects and cars section”
    Obviously, I believe people would like to see this, but, it’s a complete waste if you don’t contribute.
    So, let me know if you would like, or be willing to post a few pics of your baby and preferably a little blurb about it..

    Got a project? Boy, I would really like to hear from you. We can set up a space for you to tell the world and show your talent..:)

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