Bead Roller Die Rack

If you’ve got a bead roller, if not all ready, it’s only a matter of time until you add to your collection of dies to allow you to do all sorts of things with your roller. My roller came with 3 basic sets of dies.  As time has pasted, I’ve acquired about 15 sets of dies.  To keep them organized, and NOT rattling around in a box or draw, getting banged, knicked and damaged, a storage solution had to be found. Thus, I came up with this VERY simple solution that keeps the dies stored in sets, protected, and close at hand.

Here you can see the finished result.  As I said, it’s simple and effective.

Not a lot of explanation required, but, I’ll mention a couple things just to ensure you get the best result in case you don’t think of it when you do yours.

  Obviously, mark out your holes to drill on the upright of your stand.  Lay the holes out on the vertical centerline of each of the 3 sides.

You can squeeze a few more in on the front side, where the brace is if you really need to squeeze in extras, but I would think the 3 sides will handle most situations.  I spaced my holes 4 inches apart, to allow a little space between the sets of dies.  You should also offset each side by approximately 1 inch.  This will ensure your bolts don’t run into one another inside the tubing, plus, it provides a little space between the dies stored on adjacent sides.  I layed out six on each side, but, you could squeeze in 7 if you need to.

I’ve drilled the holes, and then taped them to accept 7/16 NC. bolts, 5 1/2 to 6 inches long.  On completion, I’ve simply run the bolts in and bottomed the threads to secure them.  In this shot, you can see the offset between adjacent sides to avoid interference.  
  All said and done, bolts run in.  These hold the dies safely and securely.  Even the deeper die sets, are secure as the recessed flange of the dies drops over the bolt head for retention.
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