Dual Throttle 100

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  1. clyde wilson says:

    I like to no how much it will cost me to get dual throttle 100 for my xjs v12.
    Can i bay it ? and let it be deliverd in the Netherlands?


    Clyde Wilson.

    • TMR says:

      Hi Clyde..
      Well, good question..
      I believe there is an American company making them now. On a quick check, I haven’t located them, BUT THEY ARE out there..
      Other than that, it’s a custom build process. Most machine shops are more than capable of building them.
      Simplest process is to purchase a used set of manifolds to undergo the surgery.
      Essentially, the face of the manifolds is cut out, to accept a plate of aluminium, which is drilled to accept 2 throttle valves> Pretty much any valve will work. I used matching jaguar valves.
      Once that’s done, it’s about building the linkage, which is fiddly, but, either the machine shop, or if you have some skills, you can build yours.
      As per the article, I was building I got sidetracked with other things and never did finish the linkage etc.
      I was trying something a little different with mine, placing the valves on a verticle axis, rather than the stock horizontal axis, which makes the linkage more challenging, and frankly, the end result something of an experiment..
      On completion, the ECU should be modified to reap the benefit of the extra air..
      As I never got around to finishing tthem, I never completed the article. But, here is a link to another person that has built. Give it some thought, and see what you can find..
      I haven’t given it much thought, but, I might be willing to sell off these unfinished ones..


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