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Here are the component plans for your retro rod, street cruiser, or strip screamer.

   The next ‘planned’ project is a Model A Pickup. This will NOT be a trailer queen. It will be a fun, and practical pickup along the old school lines, primarily for ‘Shop’ use.The reality is, this is not a real pickup. It is a sedan, that was converted into a pickup back in the 30’s, when the demands, and the resources required it. So, the middle section was removed from the car, the front and rear sections moved together, and a pickup cab was born.


 Parts are being collected as they are found. Decisions have yet to be firmly made regarding some design aspects such as fenders, no fenders, and ‘which’ fenders if that is the choice.Currently on hand are a full set of 28/29 and a set of 30/31, complete with hoods and rad shells. A 32 rad shell is also standing by for the decision process.A small block 302 is at the ready, as is a narrowed rear end. Front end, not yet firmly decided, but likely a dropped tube. A small chop to the roof of around 3 inches is the current leaning.  
 A fortunate turn of events during the difficult trip to Speed Week 2009, I came upon a fellow member of BNI with a set of 4 Cragar S/S tires and rims, desperately needing to leave his posession at an exceptional price.Not in perfect shape, but just fine for this project.  The set included 2-10 x 15″ with 295/50R15’s, and 2-6 x 14″ with 185/75R14’s.These will give a nice size difference front to rear stance for a nice look.


 Looks like the decision is made on the front end.. You never know what you will find during a trip to Bonneville.During Speed Week 2010, while attending the Inliners BBQ, a small swap meet was occurring and I found a nice 4 inch drop Model A front axle. from Joe Casto of Joe’s Speed Shop.  Naturally, one thing led to another and the axle made the trip back to Canada with me.Hmm.. To Drill or not to drill.. If you happen to need a dropped axle for a later model, check out Sid Drapals site “Nostalgia Sid’s” there’s also a fairly good selection of performance, retro and general ‘stuff’.  
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