Bead Roller

This one it took me a little time to obtain, but I certianly wish I had it from the beginning.  It’s a Mittler Brothers 24″ power bead roller.
I have tried ‘economy’ bead rollers and unless you are doing precious little on very lite sheet metal, save your money and get at LEAST a cast unit, or better still a beauty like this from Mitler Brothers.
The foot control for the variable speed feed allows you to keep both hands on the work.  Obviously, if you are trying to crank a handle while you guide the material, you are going to get less than perfect results.  Trust me on this as I have thoroughly tested that theory.  Further still, a well built roller like this one has a broad range of dies available for every need.  The current version from Mittler is built on a billet aluminium frame which provides excellent frame stability, and is available in a power feed, or a manual feed version which can be upgraded later to a power feed.  Hard to beat quality at a start price of $399

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