Fire Extinguisher Use

Fire extinguishers have to be visible and easy to get at, preferably, by an exit or on the way out.

Fire extinguishers have to be properly maintained and serviced by a certified maintenance representative per NFPA.
(Note: elastic bands, twist ties etc. are NOT acceptible alternatives)

Fire extinguishers are to be inspected each month


To use a Fire Extinguisher.

If there is any doubt about bring a fire under quick control, DO NOT jeopardize your life, and begin the emergency fire evacuation.

 Remove Extinguisher from hanger and follow the PASS system


Pull the pin that unlocks the operating lever


Aim the nozzle or hose towards the base of the fire


Squeeze the lever to discharge the extinguishing agent


Sweep the nozzle or hose from side to side, while aiming at the base of the fire. Use short bursts on the fire


If a fire can not be put out within 15 seconds evacuate the area and call 9-1-1 or the local emergency number.

Report the use of the extinguisher and any other Safety issues to venue operator, or your company.

If given permission to do so, clean up and secure the area.

Take the extinguisher out of service for re-charging.

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