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The Longest running, World Famous “PHAROAHS CAR CLUB”

is expanding into Canada.  This is the club we all came to know and love, featured in “American Graffiti” (the movie)  Where were you in 62?  New chapters will be opened in Provinces and areas as interest presents its self.  That means YOU!

So, if you have been looking for a club, that is more about cars, and less about meetings and drama, this IS the club for you.

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Email: Pharoahs-Canada@Outlook.com


The most common problem we all face is dealing with rust on our beloved or project cars.  This subject has proven to be very popular on this site with much interest in the products we have used and reviewed.  We have just updated this article to include acid based rust removal products..  Have a look and see if there is something to add to your arsenal.


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Merv Nichol has been working away on the 58 project.  Finally, the exterior body has been painted, but not without a fair share of difficulties.  But, finally ready for re-assembly.

.Read More..


 imgp9315  FINALLY found a little time to start building the pages detailing the progress on the shop truck / hauler which will drag crew and car to the salt, or where ever the urge takes us.  There’s lots to go yet, and it’s a sparse beginning, but, it is a beginning.  We’ve got a few creative solutions occurring, some implemented, some in progress, and some basics already completed..

Stop in and have a look..


 Bad Cat Center only  

AMAZING and Talented world class car culture artist Ben ‘Drag Daddy’ Mitchell applied his talents and came up with this FANTASTIC hood art for the Bonneville Salt Flats car, to be for ever known as ‘The BONNEVILLE BAD CAT”

Unknown to most of you is that we have been working gradually on the new (to us) Hauler that we will use to more the crew, trailers and of course ‘The CAR’ around to events, shows and naturally The SALT.  While we are behind on things, due to various ‘Life’ events, we are always plugging away on some project, or aspect of this and other builds.  I’ll be getting the ‘HAULER’ build added soon.  The Hood art, will also go onto the truck.


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If you want to keep an eye on what we are doing, and who we follow and share with, connect on Facebook with  TOM MACKIE RACING



Part 03 – Front Suspension Frame Splice

Part 04 – Brake System

Part 05 – Floor, rocker sills and structure

Part 06 – Body Panels

Part 07- Paint Stripping and Metal Prep & Painting


Part 09-Electrical Systems

We’ve been busy, But, not as busy as Merv has been continuing work on his 58 Chevy.

We FINALLY got around to overhauling and re-organizing this article to a better flow.

LOTS of updates in these areas.

Click any of the links to jump directly to the topic, or select any area from the ‘Builders Projects’ Menu, and select Merv’s 58





   More updates to the Merv’s 58 Chevy project.Part 09 – Floor and rocker sills and structure

Work gets underway, removing the remaining rusted floor and structure material,fabricating replacements, and installing

Part 10 – Another 58

As luck would have it, a 4 door car is found with just the right parts required and in great shape for transplanting to the 2 door.


 Start here  My friend Tony Martin, has agreed to keep us up to date as his most recent project progresses.  For $500.00, he rescued a 1923 Buick SD4 truck which had been sitting on a farm in Chico Arizona for 75 years.  His self imposed deadline is to have it read to run around at ‘Speedweek’ 2015 on the Bonneville Salt flats.It’s a tall order, but Tony has never been deterred by a challenge.Read more


   The DRAGGINS ROD & CUSTOM SHOW for 2014 has finally come to pass, after an exceedingly long winter.It was WORTH THE WAIT!.  The World Famous, ‘Snake Bite’, was back after it’s remarkable $450,000.00 charitable sale price when it crossed the Block at Barrett Jackson.  Naturally, with the Anniversary of the Ford Mustang, there was a tribute display of most of the vintages.  But, not to be outdone, many great displays of Chevy’s and Mopar’s.  Some remarkable street rods, and more unique rat rods.  Don’t miss out on the photos, which will be uploaded over the next day or two. .Make sure you check out the ‘Poster Car’..Read More…


 Copper40-4  Check out this Custom 40Ford convertible, made from COPPER.  We don’t have a lot of information, but,we have a little,and more pictures.Read more…


   More updates to the Merv’s 58 Chevy project under Bits & PiecesThe heater controls are restored, and some tips to bring back those control knobs to ‘like new’.As well, the headlight assemblies are de-rusted and restored ready for their new life.


   Speedweek 2013There’s not much I can add to what has already been said regarding any time spent at Speed Week, or, on the Bonneville Salt Flats that has not already been said.  What I CAN add, is photographs, of the sights and scenes at this years event.  I tried to capture of those special grass roots contributors that seem to remain under the radar more often than not.  The Women of the Salt.We apologize for the delay, but, computer failures took out all the photos.  But, we were eventually able to recover the majority of them.Read more…


   Work progresses on Project 58 Chevy and the transplanting of the front end/frame/brakes from the Oldsmobile Cutlass into the 58 gets underway with the first cuts.  There’s no turning back now.Todays update, cleaning and prep various emergency brake parts, cables etc.Read More…


 POSTER 2013 The 53rd Draggins car show is full of exciting new wild customs, dazzling hot rods, beautiful antique and muscle car restorations, and outstanding club displays.  A few examples of car show exhibits are:The extremely popular “Battle of the Automotive Technicians” returns featuring teams of two attempting to assemble a V8 engine as quickly as possible.The Saskatoon Modelers Association will be holding a model car contest. They will also have clowns mime the process of model car building using a full sized Corvette.Last but not least. CARS and lots of em.Read more…


 Rusty Nut  More CHEAP TRICKS!Here’s how to make your own Rust Penetrating fluid CHEAP, that out performs the commercial products!Read more..


 Work shop-James Corbett  Artist Sculpture James Corbett has found the perfect use for old scrap car parts.  Perhaps you can put your ‘JUNK’ to use and help fund your next project car.Read More..


Local builder Merv Nichol starts he next build project, a 1958 Chevrolet 2 door.  The basket case, makes its way to a new home, and cataloging and evaluation begins..Read More..


 Headlight bucket 1

What does a salad bowl have in common with a headlight?

Well, when you find yourself browsing your favorite parts catalogue, salvage yard or restoration web site looking for a replacement bucket for your rusted out original pot, you might want to add your favorite box store to your shopping list.


Read More…


   Like Bikes?  Like Cool and original? Then you will Love these fantastic bikes and trikes from your fathers (or grandfathers) day. Some from the factory Some from the garage Some just for fun..Read More…



We’ve discovered a problem with the site software that continually removes images from the articles.

We’ve rebuilt a few times now, but the problem continues.  This seems to be limited to the ‘HOW TO’ articles.

Suffice to say, We’re Working on tracking it down.

Our apologies for any inconvenience!


  Another successful event hosted by the Draggins Rod & Custom Car Club.Reletively speaking, the weather co-operated,If you like, hot rods, rat rods, street rods, muscle cars, custom cars, trucks, race cars, stock cars, funny cars, antique cars or even tractors, this show has what you want, and I took over 1000 pictures of it all to share with youRead More..
   1947 FORD SELLS FOR $800,000.00These pictures show a 1947 ford 1/2 ton pickup truck from Whitby , Ontario ,Canada that was just sold to FORD MOTOR COMPANY of Detroit , Michigan ,USA for the sum of $800,000.00, plus a new Ford F 350 dually truck.This truck, according to Ford records, is one of only 35 that was ordered and built in 1947 with factory installed…. McCulloch water cooled supercharger, special carburetor, and special very low profile air cleaner for the McCulloch, due to hood height problem. When installed, intake has lower carb mounting height ‘special supercharger intake’, (see above air cleaner) Edmunds finned aluminum heads, Fenton cast iron headers, factory dual exhaust…Read More..
  Check out  Walt Austin’s hand formed aluminum Willys coupe at Jim Hume’s shop, south of Bellingham , Washington …Read More…


We’re VERY excited about this product.

The ‘Kit’ just arrived.

COBALT plating is an entirely chemical process, which does NOT require an electrical rectifier (power supply) to be used.  The resulting finish has the shine and appearance of deep rich ‘show chrome’.


Read More…




Here’s something you can do with your bead roller you might not have thought of. This could make a great finishing touch on some project, creating an Original or replica sign panel, or just plain ‘creating’.


Read More..



  Getting tired of a box full of bead roller dies?  Here’s a quick and easy rack to keep your dies at arms length, organized and in pairs without taking up more shop space, or much of your money. In an hour, and for a few bucks, you’ll be all set to roll..Read More..


 Engine Stand 2 Positions Need an Engine Test Stand?  Have limited space?  We’ve got the solution.  A Colapsable Engine Test Stand!  We’ve looked at several of the available test stands, taken the best features, added a few changes of our own and put together a great stand that you can build yourself.Read More..


Want to dress up your ride with a little bling?Working on a budget?Have more time than money?This might be the solution for you.How to do Economy ZINC Electroplating.Get started for about $75Read More..







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